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Hot topic: mobile friendly websites

Unless you've been living on planet ZOG for the last couple of years or so you can't have helped notice that there has been a tremendous upsurge in people of all ages using mobile and tablet devices as their preferred choice for web browsing. Indeed, a recent Ofcom survey has found that 61% of UK adults now own a smartphone and 44% of households own a tablet making these devices a preferred mode of access for British web users.


Moreover, they are also doing this web browsing in their leisure time, often multi-tasking whilst watching their favourite soap for example. A great time to get your company 'in their face' as they decide where to spend their disposable income or choose a business service.


"...61% of UK adults now own a smartphone and 44% of households own a tablet..." (Ofcom survey 2014)


So - what does this mean to you for your business?
Put simply, if your website is NOT optimised for viewing on either or both these platforms you may well be finding that people are switching to other sites as they struggle to squint at the small screen and navigate easily through your site.


You may ask, "doesn't this happen automatically?" Unfortunately the short answer is "no" Just because some of the 'big name' websites out there have got this sorted and you hardly noticed their phone friendly sites doesn't mean it just happens. (And by the way - some of the 'big boys' haven't sorted it yet either!)


For a start, mobile devices especially are much smaller and more often used in the upright, taller orientation as opposed to the horizontal layout of a pc screen. This means the pages have to be re configured with words and pictures laid out to work with the new shape. Navigation buttons and links need to be larger and well spaced so they are easy to see and tap. Users want a quick and easy experience and are likely to quickly give up if that is not the case with your website.


In addition, users prefer a summarised version of your site - they don't want to read great long articles on their smartphone - they want to know who you are, what you do, how to buy or contact you and perhaps where to find you if relevant. They don't necessarily want to read all your terms and conditions on their smartphone - they can do that on their desktop device. So - you as the business owner also need to think differently about the content for the mobile site, thinning it down to it's utmost essentials.


Benefits of having a mobile friendly website option:


  • Easier for your customers to read and navigate
  • Better chance of retaining your site visitors in their
    leisure time
  • Be ahead of the curve and your competitors


Silver Lining Graphics can look at your existing website and assess it's suitability for integrating a mobile friendly version. This would usually involve a discussion about where your site is hosted, how big and complex it is and if your hosting provider supports the required behind the scenes files to make it work. Unfortunately, there is no fixed price for this as every site varies in complexity and needs but in all cases a written quotation can be provided before any work is undertaken.


So, the question is can your business afford to miss out on this burgeoning trend? I've done it with my own site (this one - check it out now on YOUR smartphone)

If you think you need to make it happen for your business get in touch using the links to the left of this text and we'll get the ball rolling...

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