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Silver Lining Graphics logo design example

Logo design case study

Client: Focus Nature

The Brief:

logo design for new business start up

Design a logo for a new venture offering wild and exotic nature tours worldwide.
Logo required in two diffeent formats: a roundel (circular) and a linear - each to have consistent look and style. Each to feature a stylised graphic of an exotic animal/bird species. Logo to look distinctive, modern and 'clean' and to communicate something of the company's offering 'at a glance'.

In addition the logo was designed to work in single colour and reversed options.
A full suite of logos supplied in varuious file formats for third party and in-house use including .EPS, JPEG, PNG

Copyright of logo assigned to client on project completion.

Logo design FAQ

Once the project has been successfully completed and all fees paid in full, copyright of the logo is transferred to you, the customer. Until then it remains with the originator/designer - in this case - Silver Lining Graphics. All concepts leading up to the final design, including discarded concepts remain the copyright property of Silver Lining Graphics.

This reflects both the time and deliverables of a project of this nature. Silver LIning Graphics takes time to understand your business, its ethos and the values you wish your visual branding to project and then sets about creating concept(s) to reflect these values. The process includes initial concepts, development and revisions of a single concept and creation of a final 'master' file (not released). In addition, deliverables include a full set of derivative logos in different colour ways (eg reversed, single and full colour) and file formats (high and low res) for both internal and third party use (eg printers and websites). Finally, a short PDF guide is produced detailing the specific colours, fonts and usage guidelines for future reference and to ensure on-going visual continuity. So, yes, you can get a logo for a few quid from various online operators or you can get a supercharged and far more valuable asset for your business from Silver Lining Graphics.

Silver Lining Graphics will listen to your brief and seeks to gain an understanding of your business ethos and values. The design will emanate directly from this, so if we've listened well, and you've articulated your brief correctly the situation should not arise. However, as such things are always subjective, Silver Lining Graphics will 'go back to the drawing board' on a single occasion and at the initial concept stage only at no extra cost should it be required.


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