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Shakespeare Line website

Web design and build

Case Study 1: Shakespeare Line Promotion Group

The Brief:

Complete overhaul of existing outdated and complex website to make it more attractive to users both visually and practically. Must be compatible across all platforms and devices and must have simple e-commerce to handle donations and subscriptions.
Option for self-editing essential

Design, build, test and upload. On-going support for trouble-shooting, updates, modifications and additions.

Alcester Locks website

Web design and build

Case Study 2: Alcester Locks

The Brief:

Re-design of existing website to be more visually dynamic, reinforcing the company brand and include a newly designed 30 year anniversary graphic. Website to be be compliant across all platforms - desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

Design, build, test and upload. On-going support for trouble-shooting, updates, modifications and additions.

Website Design FAQ

Yes, all websites created by Silver Lining Graphics are optimised (also known as 'responsive') for mobile phone, tablet and desktop, meaning they will automatically resize and display in a way that best suits the device being used.

In most cases, yes. Silver Lining Graphics provides an easy to use password protected 'back end' which allows you to log in, make changes to exsiting text and images and publish those changes. Note - you cannot edit the site styling nor add or remove pages. Clients opting for the 'entry level' website service are NOT able to edit the websites themselves. The addition of new pages/sections and removal of the same can be undertaken only by Silver Lining Graphics or any agent authorised by them.

In a word, "no". Anyone purporting to GUARANTEE this for your website may be misleading you. Optimising a website for high Google (or other search engine) rankings is a complex, on-going  and consequently potentially expensive process. Silver Lining Graphics undertakes to add all 'basic' SEO settings necessary to make your website visible to internet search engines but does NOT guarantee any particular ranking or visitor numbers. Additional SEO features are subject to additional costs according to scope and nature. This includes, but is not limited to metadata, keywords and phrases, page descriptions and names, in-bound and external links and social media links and feeds. Websites still need to be marketed and promoted through other more traditional channels, word of mouth, marketing campaigns and social media channels to be most effective at attracting visitors.

This depends almost entirely on the scope and complexity of the project. Simple, short websites with fewer features will be cheaper than larger, more complex sites. At Silver Lining Graphics we price websites into various price bands reflecting the features and complexity required by the customer. A very basic website starts at £295.00

This will largely depend on project complexity and scope. It will also depend on how quickly you provide the necessary raw content, (words and pictures etc). Be assured that Silver Lining Graphics will work as quickly as possible - it's in our interests to do so!

Yes you do! Silver Lining Graphics designs and builds your website (and manages it for you should you require). However, you are free to take your website to another service provider any time you wish. We will assist you with the process thought there may be a fee to reflect any significant time involved. Our websites are built to be workable as .html files (an industry standard) and in most cases should display correctly in any web browser, wherever the site is hosted.


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