Silver Lining Graphics: Shakespeare Line website on desktop, tablet and mobile devices

Web design and build

Case Study 1: Shakespeare Line Promotion Group

The Brief:

Complete overhaul of existing outdated and complex website to make it more attractive to users both visually and practically. Must be compatible across all platforms and devices and must have simple e-commerce to handle donations and subscriptions.
Option for self-editing essential

Design, build, test and upload. On-going support for trouble-shooting, updates, modifications and additions.

Silver Lining Graphics: Alcester Locks website and advertisement

Web design and build

Case Study 2: Alcester Locks

The Brief:

Re-design of existing website to be more visually dynamic, reinforcing the company brand and include a newly designed 30 year anniversary graphic. Website to be be compliant across all platforms - desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

Design, build, test and upload. On-going support for trouble-shooting, updates, modifications and additions.

Website design FAQ

Yes, each website is configured to work with all current platforms including; desktop, laptop, tablet and modern mobile phones.

This depends on the web package you purchase. The standard or basic entry level packages do not include this feature. Other, more fully featured packages do offer this. It really depends what is important to you and your business.

A high ranking at the top of Google searches is achieved through the implementation of a detailed and sustained exercise in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) methods and actions alongside your own business advertising and promotional activities.
SEO can be complex and is also subject to ever changing algorithms and specifications set by Google and other search engines.
SLG ensures basic SEO good practice and search engine friendly conventions are put in place to make sure every site we build is compliant with current standards and adheres to Google criteria. Ranking for any website cannot be guaranteed.

If only there were a simple answer to this question! It's like asking how much does a car cost. The scope and requirements of every website project varies according to each and every customer's needs. Some are very basic single page sites whilst others have more pages and more features or require bespoke photography, custom charts and diagrams for example. So, you can see there is no "one size fits all". What SLG tries to do is offer a range of starting prices to suit different budgets and needs and then looks at what additional 'fancy bells and whistles' may need to be added according to each customer.

Simple small single web pages can be done in a few working days* whilst more complex sites will take longer. The more information and content a customer can supply from the outset, the quicker the project can be completed. You can play your part too by sticking to any agreed plan and the specification. SLG aims to complete websites as soon as is reasonably practical and will always give you an estimated finish date once the project scope has been established. Regular progress reports and 'draft' websites are also provided once a project is underway.

* For single page websites where ALL content is supplied in advance and is suitable for publishing. Where the customer is prompt in signing off drafts and where web hosting and domain names are already in place.

Yes, once paid for you own it - just like buying an item in a shop. It's your property  and a valuable asset for your company. Whilst SLG is engaged by you in the design, build and possible ongoing update maintenance and hosting, we are simply custodians. Should you ever need to take the website anywhere else then the source files can be made available for you* on payment of an administration fee to cover the time to effect the transfer. 

* Not available on the basic website plans.


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